Colour Range Of Aluminium Fence

aluminium fences

Fences are the vertical structures that are present in multiple numbers situated at a particular distance from one another and are combined with each other through the addition of two long horizontal structures near the upper end and lower end. Fences can be installed in any sector; be it the commercial sector, residential sector or an agricultural one. The purpose of installing these fences is to mark boundary across certain piece of land or to provide privacy and security to a particular place. Another function of fences is to enhance the look of the place and maintain the privacy of the people residing within the sphere of a fence. Fences can be divided into multiple types on the basis of the material that is used to manufacture those fences. They might vary from timber fences to steel fences. They are then further classified on the basis of their colour or the quality of material that is used in its making. In this article; we will be discussing about the colour range of one such type of fence known as aluminium fence in sydney.

Aluminium fencing:

The process of installing fencing made up of aluminium is known as aluminium fencing. Most of the people prefer aluminium fencing over others because of their higher durability and great resistivity against corrosion. In addition to that; they have the characteristics of being extremely hard which makes them a good fencing material for security purposes. Besides aluminium metal fencing, there is steel alloy fencing as well. To get the best out of both types of fencing; a combined version of fencing has also been introduced. This combined version of fencing is known as colour bond fencing. The type of fences used in this process is naturally made up of steel but are coated with the layer of aluminium and zinc.

Colour range of aluminium fence:

The actual colour of aluminium fence is silver white but it is available in variety of colours. Different types of colours are coated over these fences. The most commonly used colours on aluminium fences are dark colours like black, dark grey and dark green. However; they are also available in lighter tones like white, silver; gold and bronze. People prefer to install aluminium fences of darker tones because they do not show any stain or rust mark on it.


Fences are the popular choice for people in residential as well as commercial areas. They are the long vertical structures that are installed for various purposes like security reasons or for marking of boundary. The type of fences might vary from aluminium ones to the steel fences. Aluminium is preferred over others because of their exceptional characteristics. You can find aluminium fences in variety of colours differing from black to grey and from green to bronze. “Just fencing Sydney” provides the best quality of fences; be it aluminium fences or steel ones.