Maintenance Of Sewage Tank

Treating human waste and water is really necessary. As these wastes were not treated earlier, there were epidemics that affected the area and people living in it. There are tanks and it is necessary to maintain these to keep it working properly and avoid any problem resulting into repairs or replacement. Before we talk about the maintenance process we must talk about the process in which tanks work.

The system:

Septic sanitization tank is abbreviated into septic tank. These systems basically treat human wastewater and return it to the ground water as safe for human consumption. Filtering system and holding tank are the basic part of this system. The tanks contain a huge amount of pathogen that comes from human waste. These pathogens must be contained safely to avoid escape into ground. What leaves the tank is the liquid. This liquid is then treated by bacteria and enzymes to make it purified. This purified water reaches the ground water and it is safe for human consumption.


Like rainwater tanks or concrete rainwater tanks, these tanks are needed to be maintained too. To make the water absorption system work better, it is necessary to do the following things. It is better to wash in full loads rather than in small loads. To save water it is necessary to repair any leaking pipes and faucets. Water saving low flow toilets, faucet aerators and showerheads are necessary to install to reduce water wastage. Making sure that no polluted water can make it to the tank is another way of maintaining it. No use of heavy equipment or a new construction should be there on the absorption area to avoid breaking of drainpipes.


Nitrate contamination is one of the most well-known problems that can happen. Nitrate interferes with the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen. It affects the children most of the time. Though it is not known how exactly it affects the heart, but it is proven that nitrate contamination is harmful for us. Sometimes, the drainpipes of the system fail to contain the liquid. This happens sometimes when solid waste enters the drains. Due to this problem the drains and toilets can also run slow. The basic problem is odor. It can also play the role of a warning. Tree roots also interfere with the system. One of the easiest ways to avoid these problems is regular maintenance.